Wordpress, Facebook Pages & Social Media Graphics

These are a few examples of the digital media services Jagmedia offers to our clients. Wordpress Websites (on right) provide a way for clients to update their website text, images and video in an seo friendly (search engine optimization) environment.

Facebook pages have quickly become an essential online marketing tool for  businesses (on left).  We create Facebook business pages and graphics (lower left) plus social media graphics for Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

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Jagmedia Wins 250K Grant from Chase with YOUR Vote by November 15, 2013

Did you know that 12 small businesses will win a $250,000 Small Business grant from Chase Bank? Yes and Jagmedia is in the running to qualify to be one of those 12- with  YOUR HELP!

 It's simple -
1- Click this link below:

2- Then Click VOTE

The link goes to Jagmedia's profile page   from Chaseand it connects you to Facebook for voting. It will not store or share your Facebook info, fyi.

 More About How Jagmedia will use the Grant $$$:

For the past 5 years, Jagmedia has developed the online publishing side of our business in the form  of a blog website that's all about Venice, CA lifestyle: Abbot Kinney First Fridays.

 It started as a community project, to help launch the First Fridays of the month event on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice back in 08' when the attendance included a handful of people - the goal was to  increase attendance and heighten brand visibility. Within a year, attendance skyrocketed to thousands and is still going strong, in fact, it's recognized wordwide!

 Present day, the blog is All About Venice, plus Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and surrounding areas.  The grant from Chase will  allow us to fast forward development of this business.  As Founder and Creative Director of Jagmedia, I'm asking for your help and - thanking you in advance!

PS - Your vote is confidential, so I can't see who voted...

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New Facebook Cover Graphic from Jagmedia

Jagmedia recently created the new Facebook Cover Graphic for the Essential Entrepreneur (EE) to integrate  the visual branding for the company.

Jagmedia created the EE website three years ago and updates the website with graphics, text and programming.

The Culver City business coaching firm is owned by Lorenda Phillips.

Call Jagmedia today to discuss your Facebook Cover Graphic at 310-868-6413. Ask for the Jagmedia Facebook Special in May 2013!

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Facebook Cover Graphics: What are they and how can they help your company?

Facebook... it seems like that's all we hear about these days! Why, because it's so relevant and a part of our every day lives for many of us. Business or Company pages can be created on Facebook, giving yet another avenue to spread awareness about your company. Taking advantage of the Facebook Cover Graphic, formerly known as Timeline Graphic is essential in spreading brand awareness.

The Facebook Cover Graphic is the large horizontal graphic at the top of a Facebook page, that has a small square profile graphic overlapping it in the left corner. Utilizing this graphic extends your brand and gives a new and different audience a visual means to identify your brand.

See the examples in this article that Jagmedia created for clients and for our design studio. Clients range from a social media strategist/writer, anti-aging specialist and our Venice lifestyle blog. See  the Jagmedia Facebook Page for the full-size graphic and other examples of how we help clients with their digital media needs.

View the Jagmedia Facebook Page >

Jagmedia also provides the following Facebook related services:
- Facebook Personalized Tutorials
- Facebook Business Page Creation
-  Facebook  Social Media Posts

Email us today to find out more.

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Jagmedia Offers Four Cyber Monday Specials

Jagmedia Offers Cyber Monday Specials on Facebook Business Pages, Cover Graphics, Facebook 101 & Mac 101

Cyber Monday Special Offers Preview >

Have you heard the buzz about Cyber Monday? It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, on November 26, 2012. The great thing about it is that you don't have to leave the house or wait in line all day. Just get on your computer and start clicking to receive  special dfeals during the day. Jagmedia is offering four  specials available on our website, only on Cyber Monday.

The specials our digital media studio are offering are namely for social media, with three offers for Facebook, including: Facebook 101 personalized tutoring, Facebook Cover Graphic creation (also known as Timeline Graphics) plus Facebook Business Page creation (formerly known as Facebook Fan Pages.) In addition, Jagmedia will offer a Cyber Monday deal on Mac 10, a personalized tutorial on how to use the Mac operating system. While we know you can go to an Apple store for tutorials, they are with a group of people watching  a screen and not interactive. The most effective way to learn is by doing and that's exactly what will happen - we will show you how  it's done, you will get to try it out and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

See our Specials Page now for our Special Offers Preview

For our personalized Facebook and Mac tutorials we will come to your office in Santa Monica, Venice, Culver City, West LA. Call us at 310-868-6413 if you are located outside of those areas to discuss details. Generally, tutorials are scheduled Monday thru Friday at 10, 10:30 or 11 am and during the afternoon at 1, 2 or 3pm. Make sure to bookmark our Specials Page now so you can get there quickly on Cyber Monday and Take advantage of our special deals.

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How Jagmedia Helps Businesses

Jagmedia is over a decade old and we've helped many clients with their website and graphic design needs. It's more than just design or cosmetics and the dynamic has changed over the years. While looking visually attractive is always an essential (think packaging), there is more to this picture than meets the eye.

Jagmedia venice website design, venice search engine optimization

It's critical to be found by the search engines and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the options we provide for our clients- that, in addition to making the website search engine friendly for starters. While some people think it's good enough to know the name of a business, what about the people that don't know the name of your business? Even if they do, it doesn't automatically mean that your website will be found (or easily found).

We've helped Rainey Chiropractic, our client of eight years, which is Page 1 Google in a number of search categories.  Chiropractic, especially in Los Angeles is an extremely competitive field and SEO is a critical component to the success of this business. A muti-pronged approach is the best strategy period.  In short there is a combination of relevant content, meta + title tags, blog articles, videos, a YouTube Channel plus Social Media (Facebook and Linked In.) Additional methods are utilizing coupons, including services like Groupon (this works for certain types of businesses) that are effective in getting new clients in the door and becoming repeat clients.Try searching for: "culver city chiropractic".

Jagmedia helped the Venice Chamber of Commerce with their complete branding, including web design, graphics,email campaigns and social media - PLUS increasing their membership to more than double after the website we created for them was launched. Why? It contained features for members only, where they can post specials and events in addition to a Member Directory to name a few. See the screen capture  for the website design that was used for six years- that's a lifetime for web design!

Jagmedia has helped numerous clients, which we will be blogging about  on a more regular basis.  Let's discuss how Jagmedia can Help Your Business! Call 310-868-6413 and ask for Janet or send an email.

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Promote Your Business for the holidays with 7000K viewers from our AKFF Blog!

 Jagmedia launched the Abbot Kinney First Fridays Blog back in 2008 to help the businesses build a successful monthly event.  it became a highly successful and regular event! We worked with the local Chamber of Commerce, Venice Neighborhood Council and local businesses to make it a success story. The next step was to was expand coverage to all Venice area events, businesses, nightlife, art and community events.

The blog has covered events such as the Venice Art Walk, Taste of Abbot Kinney, Abbot Kinney Festival, numerous Venice Festivals and Venice Art Crawl to name a few. This, in addition to blogging about clients such as: Figtrees Cafe, Ascended Living, The Harlot Salon, Pardee Properties, Sinners & Saints, & Venice Artist,  Michelle Oppenheimer.

 What is the 30 Days on AK: Countdown to Christmas?

 It's a 30 Day Campaign to get traffic to your business during the Holiday Season!

Launched on November 25th, 2011 (Black Friday) and for the next 30 days until Christmas Day the AKFF Blog will leverage it's Page 1 Google status with the 7000+ unique monthly visitors to bring this special holiday promotion exclusively to the businesses on Abbot Kinney Blvd and the non-competing supporting advertisers.

Promotion lasts for 30 days from Black Friday - Christmas Eve

Special Page on Blog just for all participating merchants: 30 Days on AK Countdown to Christmas!

Plus, posts on the main blog page every week to give a higher level of promotion! The main blog page will link to this Special Promotion page.

Your Special Deal will include a description, your contact info and link to your website

See the Special Promotion Page for more Details & Ordering

See the Home Page for Daily Deals

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Social Media: Here to Stay or a Passing Fad?

It was Social Media Week in LA from September 19-23, a free conference that was in locations across the Los Angeles area that included Santa Monica, Culver City, Beverly Hills and even Atwater Village. It's international in scope with the conference also in Beirut, Moscow, Berlin, Buenos Aires and other major cities across the globe.

Yes, everyone  there had a smart phone, was texting, tweeting, taking pictures and taking notes (yes, with an actual pen and paper.) While it may look like that's what it was all about it was much more than that. There are a number of people that might think social media, ie., Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and so forth, is a passing fad... Well, think  again...

 When large corporations like Hershey's, Nokia and Frontier Airlines  were at the conference and in the keynote panel on Friday, you will see how seriously social media is being taken these days and that it is only becoming more powerful and cannot politely  be ignored... as was with the reference of Nestle's (this will be mentioned later.) The speakers at this lively panel were: Anna Lingeris, Manager, Global Brand PR and Consumer Engagement Hershey, Marco Toscano, Sr. Manager Social Media, Frontier Airlines and Bryan Biniak, Vice President, Global Head Partner & Application Development Nokia with  two other speakers from agency backgrounds, led by moderator, Shira Lazar, Host and Executive Producer: Whats Trending, CBSNews.com, who was really on it and asked some stimulating questions.

Clearly, these companies are talking it seriously as they have departments with employees that specialize in social media and  have  strategies for  using social media to benefit their customers and ultimately, their company - and yes, it is paying off for them. While metrics are still hard to establish in terms of hard and fast ROI, (which was a theme throughout the conference) there are positive results that were highlighted.

For example, Frontier Airlines uses social media front and center and is able to gauge how their customers react to policy changes; while it may look good to the company on paper, customers can react very differently to their expectations and will voice their opinions. Frontier listens to them and has revised their travel policies  as a result of those interactions online.  A more definitive example is when there may be a block of say, 40 seats that were cancelled on a particular flight. Frontier posted on Facebook and Twitter that a specific number of tickets were available on a flight at a discount and were all snapped up quickly. That strategy is employed on a regular basis and works well for Frontier; they are engaged with their community online with beneficial results for both.

Now for the Nestle example, encapsulated. The company had a Facebook page, which was unattended and largely ignored by the company.  It came to light they used palm oil in many of their products, which is in short supply; Greenpeace made a video regarding  the subject and posted it plus other comments on the Nestle Facebook page. Once Nestle took notice, the company reacted by deleting all the posts - that had a negative impact on their company. It did result in the company paying attention and treating social seriously; so they did learn from their mistakes... and that social has a widespread impact.
Engagement was another thread throughout the week.  There was a well attended panel at Ogilvy & Mather in Culver City, "Social Engagement Advertising, hosted by SocialVibe"  with representatives from Ogilvy and SocialVibe  speaking and answering questions on the topic. Toby Daniels, Founder & Executive Director, Social Media Week  was the panel moderator with Helen Jen, Marketing Technology Director, Ogilvy & Mather and Mike Barbeau, SVP, Account Strategy, SocialVibe. Both companies respectively work with the world's top brands. Engagement is the key. The examples given were for large companies like Disney, however, some of the methods can be parlayed to smaller companies.

As a side note, it would be beneficial for the conference organizers to address this in the next conference, coming in February 2012, how small companies in particular,  that aren't well established  or with the big budgets can achieve more with social media.

Back to the Social Engagement panel, with "value exchange" discussed as the new currency of social media. The example  given was reading part of an article in a large newspaper where  you have the choice of paying to read the rest of the article or clicking on a banner ad that will get you to the article for free. Taking a straw poll of the attendees,  the majority raised their hands that were willing to click on the banner in order to get to the content. Many of us are familiar with going to websites for tv shows like  "The Colbert Report" to see a clip or episode, which is preceded by an advertisement- yes that's the value exchange.

Later in the day a session called "Mobile Goes Social at The Primetime Emmys" was  a fun and interesting view on how the Emmys are building a new audience with social/mobile that previously was unaware of the Emmys, ie, the millenials. This is a great way for an older established institution, that's also a non-profit, without the glitz of the Grammys and Oscars can use social to it's benefit.

All the sessions at the conference  have a live stream, so if you want to see more, go to http://socialmediaweek.org and click the Schedule link to access the sessions you want to revisit or missed out on, plus a good take at what's in store for next year!

Find me on social:
Facebook: @Jagmedia @Janet Gervers
Twitter: @JanetsCircle

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Do You YouTube?

YouTube is considered as the second most popular search engine after Google - and it's not even a search engine! In case you didn't get the memo, these are a few insights on YouTube. People are searching YouTube for content - we've all seen YouTube videos that our friends have sent links to or a popular video that's gone viral and is on the news and other tv shows. Cat videos are the most popular.. meow:)

Although cat videos are the most popular, YouTube can be leveraged as a strategic business tool, in building and extending your brand. Oftentimes the best example is a visual,  this example is for Rainey Chiropractic, a client of Jagmedia.

Jump on YouTube Today!
CALL Janet at 310-868-6413.

See the website, which features a green theme, while incorporating videos throughout the site along with links to their YouTube channel. All the videos reside on the Rainey Chiropractic YouTube channel. Rainey Chiropractic's YouTube channel carries the same visual theme as the website. In addition, there's a link to the website, a business profile plus a description for each video. Why is this important?, you might ask...

All this information is detectable by the search engines and helps increase your website ranking by garnering more traffic combined with optimizing your overall YouTube channel. This gives your business a more COMPETITIVE EDGE! See  the new YouTube Channel below we created for Business Coach Lorenda Phillips (after creating the website.)

You might also be thinking, I don't have a video or know what to do or say... First, it's recommended to look around and see what others are doing in your profession and other fields, plus paying attention to popular trends on YouTube.
Want a Professional VIDEO FOR FREE?
Click here or CALL 310-868-6413.

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Janet A. Gervers Writes a New Column on the Venice Edition of AOL's Patch!

Janet A. Gervers, Creative Director of Jagmedia, is writing a weekly column for the Venice Edition of America online's new news website Patch. The website focuses on neighborhood news and Janet writes an events column for the weekday happenings going on in Venice.

Events range from art gallery openings including the Venice Art Crawl, live music to a fundraiser for school children in Japan to name a few. The column is generally published on Tuesdays and can be found on the homepage. The rest of the week it's found in the News tab or just click on Janet's name in the Contributors column on the left when the News tab is clicked.

Click Here to see Janet's articles.

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Branding: What is it REALLY All About?

Branding, a word used frequently, yet often misunderstood...

For Starters: This example should bring an immediate image to mind: Lady Gaga. Did you see an image of her wearing a dress made out of meat or arriving in a translucent egg to the Grammy's or some other outrageous ensemble?  Lady Gaga is a brand, a personal brand.

How about Madonna, an international icon over the past few decades, constantly reinventing herself and her brand?

Now on to Companies: Then, there's companies such as Apple and Nike with very strong consumer brands that immediately elicit an image and most likely a response or commentary. Apple's branding image (also called identity or branding identity)  combines their light, clean look with technologically advanced - and ground breaking products peppered with the personality of Steve Jobs in his uniform of a black turtleneck and jeans.

Nike is an ever present athletic brand with their "swoosh" logo emblazoned on apparel, shoes, accessories plus world class athletes advertising their brands by wearing their products.

What image do you want to pop into people's minds when they think of your company?

Contact Jagmedia to get started on brainstorming your image.

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See our Blogs! Evolve, KTR Promo, Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays, Janet's Circle!

It's been a busy year and I'm guilty of not updating this blog often enough! I've been busy creating blogs for Clients and updating my other blogs, so now it's time to show them off!

Evolve Electric  Motor Co.

This blog uses the Blogger platform, owned by Google and is the perfect vehicle (no pun intended) for an initial company website that gives a snapshot of how Evolve is bringing electric cars to the US!

 A fresh, clean green look is key here and the blois utilized as a corporate website, which can easily be updated by others in the company and has great leverage with the search engines.


KTR Promo

A Los Angeles PR company is utilizing the Blogger blog platform (yes we like Blogger and so do our Clients!) to promote area events, namely in Venice and West LA. The company likes how the Content Management System is so easy to use!

 Janet's Circle for Entrepreneurs

Jagmedia's owner, Janet Gervers is an Entrepreneur and also runs a networking group, which will be 4 in 2011, Janet's Circle for Entrepreneurs! The website was originally an HTML/CSS based site, it was decided to utilize  a blog format, again Blogger is used, for quick and easy updates. Yes, even web designers need this! The site includes columns to promote members, Google Adsense ( as an income stream) , interactive features such as links to  photo galleries, subscribing to the newsletter and a search within the blog to name a few.

Abbot Kinney 1st Fridays

Jagmedia's owner, Janet Gervers is an Entrepreneur and started this blog to supprt the merchants back in 2008 when  the monthly 1st Fridays event started. Listings for the  businesses that  participated were and are still on this blog, with Janet's recommendations on the hotspots and get the most out of the event. The next  year postings for Venice area events were added to the blog, creating an all around Venice community events blog.

In 2010 after the blog became a PAGE 1 Google blog an advertising banner program was started. Business in Venice and Los Angeles advertise here to promote themselves to the numerous Angelenos (4000-5000 a month) doing searches for Venice. Advertisers have included: The Venice Art Walk, Taste of Abbot Kinney,  LA's Largest Mixer,  Paypro, Figtrees Cafe, Ascended Living and other retailers.

Jagmedia | websites and graphic design | Venice, CA Blogs - Search Engine Optimization - Web Video info@jagmedia.net http://www.jagmedia.net


Do you have 5 minutes? Want to Improve your Search Engine Ranking?

BLOGS -  an effective Search Engine Marketing Tool to Improve Website Page Ranking

(Did you know Blogger is one of the first blogs ever? Jagmedia has used Blogger since 2005.Google liked it so much, they bought it about 2 years ago!)

These are some reasons for using Blogger - Jagmedia Uses Blogger:
  • This is the EASIEST blog tool to use - period.
    While Wordpress is a good tool too, just trying using the administrative interface- it's much more complex and not as user friendly as Blogger. You can quickly update your Blogger blog, change it's look (many templates to choose) plus use a customized blog builder tool (see next)
  • Easy to Use Customized Blog Builder.
    Add "widgets" for features like social media: see the Facebook badge on Janet's Circle Blog Here, Google Search for your blog posts, Affiliate Advertising and more...
  • Improve Your Website Search Ranking!
    This can't be stressed enough! If you have 5 Minutes each week to post to your blog, have a clear focus to it plus use relevant keywords, there's potential for a Page 1 Google Ranking!
    See Jagmedia's Page 1 Google Blog created with Blogger  Venice, CA  events.
  • Monetize it! 
    Both blogs linked in this article use features for monetization:  Affiliate Ads with Google Adsense in the Janet's Circle Blog and custom ad banners in the Venice blog.
These are some strong reasons to jump on Blogger now and Jagmedia can create your custom BLOG.

Plus, in honor of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 10% of the fee will be contributed to the American Cancer Society. This is part of  the THINK PINK campaign I started this month for both of my companies, Jagmedia and Janet's Circle for Entrepreneurs. Yes, it's a WIN-WIN for all!

Jagmedia | websites and graphic design | Venice, CA info@jagmedia.net www.jagmedia.net


See Jagmedia Recent Projects on Facebook: Websites, Email Newsletters, etc

Jagmedia's Brand New Facebook Page!
Jagmedia recently launched a Facebook page for our website and graphic design business! What does that mean? Anyone who visits the page will see examples of our latest projects and how we are helping clients. Facebook pages are a great way to promote your business on the fly! Even web designers need something lightning fast to showcase our businesses! See Example.

 For example, you will see recent Email Newsletters we have created as part of our client's Branding strategy. Our clients can create and edit emails with a drag n' drop system, plus track results. See how we helped Figtree's Cafe in Venice, Partyby5.com ion Westchester and more. See it Now!

See our Facebook Page:

Jagmedia can create and maintain your Facebook Page! Learn More! 

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A Great Photo Album Tool: Google Picasa

I'm reposting (plus updating) this  since more people are asking me for a great photo album tool and our blog has been "moved" due to some changes with Blogger. Plus a great and affordable stock photography/images/art website.

photo gallery tool:
create galleries, slideshows, store it for free, embed it in your web page, order prints, free storage
Google Picasa
See below for details

stock photos: for cheap- not free but close to it:
buy photos for as little as $1 each- good quality alot of variety- also illustrations, video, audio and flash
Istock Photography

Google Picasa Photo Album Tool:
It's as simple as clicking a button to browse to your images, which the tool uploads to Picasa from your desktop- also there is a plugin for the Mac so you can use Iphoto to quickly  batch upload photos and choose what quality you want to use. There are a number of cool settings in there, for instance, you can choose which photo you want as your photo album cover, plus change it whenever you want to and make the album public or private. 

The feature I really like is the slideshow tool, which instantly creates a slideshow plus generates code that can be copied and pasted into a webpage. Code can also be generated for a link to the photo gallery page. Also you can choose to have prints made from Kodak and  a few other companies.

I've been using this for my Janet's Circle for Entrepreneurs website for monthly mixer photos. See
Janet's Circle home page for the latest slideshow example.


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Jagmedia Launches New Website Design in 2010!

It's a Brand New Year and TIME to get Your Website in Gear!

Jagmedia has taken the advice of it's President/Creative Director, Janet A. Gervers with a completely new website design.

Jagmedia had used the same look for a number of years, gradually upgrading it over time. Our site was a Flash based one and is now completely html based, which is more competitive for search engine rankings. We may throw in a few tidbits of Flash here and there...

Make sure to see our Services page, for our NEW WEB VIDEO service, plus details on the many web related and print offerings from Jagmedia, started in 2001 in Venice, CA the creative heart and soul of Los Angeles. If you want to go directly to the web video page and -

Also, see our Testimonials page where you can see it straight from our clients. At Jagmedia, many of our clients have been with us for four years or more. We help businesses of all sizes including small businesses, non-profit organizations including chambers of commerce, etc. Come back for our next posting with more clients and project samples.

Call Janet Gervers at 310.868.6413 from Jagmedia to see how we can help with your design needs.

PS: Get 3 FREE months of web hosting when Jagmedia creates your new website!
(See our
Specials page for details.)

Got a Q? Email Janet

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Title Tags: Can they help Optimize your website?

Yes, the Title Tag is on every website - and highly important. So what is it ? Look at the top of a browser window, or see the example for Rainey Chiropractic, a client of Jagmedia. See the grey bar with text at the top of the image- that's a title tag; a description about the site- & one of the first things the search engines pick up. Click the image to see the site.

This is what High Rankings Advisor website says about title tags: "The title tag has been and probably will always one of the most important factors in achieving high search engine rankings.

In fact, fixing just the title tags of your pages can often generate quick and appreciable differences to your rankings. And because the words in the title tag are what appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page (SERP), changing them may result in more clickthroughs." Read more at http://www.highrankings.com/allabouttitles

Yes, Title Tags are one important component in helping to optimize your site and a great starting point!

Email Janet at Jagmedia for more about title tags.

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Social Media: How to use Twitter, Linked In, Facebook 4 Business!

Social MEDIA Networking Teleseminar hosted by Jagmedia

Jagmedia is hosting a fabulous Teleseminar to educate you on how to use Social Media for your business. Yes, it can be done! Let experts Gregg Towsley of WSI (Jagmedia's SEO partner) and Stephanie Hubbard of Beekeeper Productions, Web Video and yours truly, Janet Gervers, Creative Director of Jagmedia.

Wow! This trio of Web Experts will spend an hour on the call- make sure to be in front of your computer. We will also include Q&A. Stay tuned for a Special Offer on my blog!

Social Media Teleseminar
Tuesday, September 29, 3-4pm

PS- If you didn't catch the call, just email me info@jagmedia.net and I'll put you on the list for a future SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING call.

Jagmedia | unique websites and graphic design


Top Social Networking Sites for Business

I'll just tell you right off the bat- it's Twitter, Facebook and Linked in - the Top 3 Top Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals.

Linked in is completely business which I really like and is a great starting point for social networking. People list their current and previous business experience, can join specific groups related to their interests and easily link to other professionals.

While it takes time to complete your profile, I strongly urge you to do so because you never know who you might link to!
(the more info the better) Oh, you have a full-time job and think you don't have to network? Think again and jump start your networking here, then move on to Facebook & Twitter.

Facebook is professional and social, however it is a good marketing tool and fun! You can post video, photos,etc and a short entry on what you are up to. Make it pertinent to your business, no fluff!

When I first joined Twitter, I didn't really know what to do with it- it's not the most intuitive or as user friendly as the others in getting started. My tip for you- import your contacts when you start because it takes longer to do it later like I did. Since the posts are short, 140 characters (same with Linked in), tweet something relevant to your business and make it interesting! More to come in future posts.

For those too busy or afraid to tweet, Jagmedia has just rolled out:
Social Networking Subscriptions! That means we tweet for you! Facebook and Linked in too!
Month to month, no contract costs $299 a month; for a 3 month block it's $249 a month.

Email Janet to get started.

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