Wanna Start A Blog?

Tips and Tools to help you Get Started

So you're thinking about starting a blog? You already know that it benefits your website by driving more traffic to your site, which increase your ranking with search engines.

Jagmedia's blog tool is Google Blogger- originally named Blogger, it was picked up by Google a few years back. Their smart, they know a good tool when they see it and it happens to be FREE.

Start by clicking to www.blogger.com and get your blog running in 3 steps. Choose from a ton of cool templates, use the dashboard (adminstrative tool) to change your settings. For Example, in the dashboard, click Settings, then the Format tab, type in the number of posts you want to see on your blog. No worries, previous posts are archived. See the archived posts here on the lower left.

See a comparison chart of blog tools and features. While it's a few years old, it's still relevant and helpful; many of the tools are for MAc and PC although the headline says Mac. Click Here!

Get Blogging!

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