A Great Free Photo Gallery Tool

See examples on Janet's Circle website, Created by Jagmedia

I found another great Google tool that's free, easy and fun to use. It's called Picasa, not Picasso.

It's as simple as clicking a button to browse to your images, which the tool uploads to Picasa. There are a number of cool settings in there, for instance, you can choose which photo you want as your photo album cover, plus change it whenever you want to and make the album public or private. The feature I really like is the slideshow tool, which instantly creates a slideshow plus generates code that can be copied and pasted into a webpage. Code can also be generated for a link to the photo gallery page.

I've been using this for my Janet's Circle for Entrepreneurs website for monthly mixer photos. Usually this is posted on the
Janet's Circle home page. Also, it's posted on the Gallery page - make sure to see the September and October events on that page for more examples. I also use it for art photography.

Where do you get Picasa? Click here and have fun! I'd like to hear from those of you who have used Picasa- how was it for you? Are you happy with results? Just click the Comments link at the end of this post and follow the prompts. This is a moderated blog, so all posts are reviewed first before they are posted.

Something new that I just discovered on Picasa, that ups the cool factor- you can order prints from compaines like Kodak from your photos. Again, there's no charge for posting photos on Picasa, unlike Kodak which is now charging...

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