Ready, Set, Start Tweeting!

What's all the Twitter about Tweeting?

After Ashton Kucher and Larry King's recent Tweetoff to see who could get 1 Million Followers first, Twitter has stepped up to a new level in our conciousness. BTW, Ashton won with Larry catching up shortly after in the friendly contest.

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Articles On Twitter: Get the scoop from these great articles posted below.

Thanks to Zeke Camusio from The Outsourcing Company for allowing me to quote from his articles in my ezine. I found Zeke via Linked In, a professional social networking group. Within Linked In there is a group I joined called- Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs that has his articles, with more found on his website. Join Linked in to access the first article.

Articles by Zeke Camusio:

Twitter Marketing: Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

Twitter Tools: The Definitive List of the Best Twitter Tools Ever

Articles from Macworld/PC World:

Nine Twitter Tips for Business

Using Twitter for Business Information and Advice

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