Top Social Networking Sites for Business

I'll just tell you right off the bat- it's Twitter, Facebook and Linked in - the Top 3 Top Social Networking Sites for Business Professionals.

Linked in is completely business which I really like and is a great starting point for social networking. People list their current and previous business experience, can join specific groups related to their interests and easily link to other professionals.

While it takes time to complete your profile, I strongly urge you to do so because you never know who you might link to!
(the more info the better) Oh, you have a full-time job and think you don't have to network? Think again and jump start your networking here, then move on to Facebook & Twitter.

Facebook is professional and social, however it is a good marketing tool and fun! You can post video, photos,etc and a short entry on what you are up to. Make it pertinent to your business, no fluff!

When I first joined Twitter, I didn't really know what to do with it- it's not the most intuitive or as user friendly as the others in getting started. My tip for you- import your contacts when you start because it takes longer to do it later like I did. Since the posts are short, 140 characters (same with Linked in), tweet something relevant to your business and make it interesting! More to come in future posts.

For those too busy or afraid to tweet, Jagmedia has just rolled out:
Social Networking Subscriptions! That means we tweet for you! Facebook and Linked in too!
Month to month, no contract costs $299 a month; for a 3 month block it's $249 a month.

Email Janet to get started.

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