A Great Photo Album Tool: Google Picasa

I'm reposting (plus updating) this  since more people are asking me for a great photo album tool and our blog has been "moved" due to some changes with Blogger. Plus a great and affordable stock photography/images/art website.

photo gallery tool:
create galleries, slideshows, store it for free, embed it in your web page, order prints, free storage
Google Picasa
See below for details

stock photos: for cheap- not free but close to it:
buy photos for as little as $1 each- good quality alot of variety- also illustrations, video, audio and flash
Istock Photography

Google Picasa Photo Album Tool:
It's as simple as clicking a button to browse to your images, which the tool uploads to Picasa from your desktop- also there is a plugin for the Mac so you can use Iphoto to quickly  batch upload photos and choose what quality you want to use. There are a number of cool settings in there, for instance, you can choose which photo you want as your photo album cover, plus change it whenever you want to and make the album public or private. 

The feature I really like is the slideshow tool, which instantly creates a slideshow plus generates code that can be copied and pasted into a webpage. Code can also be generated for a link to the photo gallery page. Also you can choose to have prints made from Kodak and  a few other companies.

I've been using this for my Janet's Circle for Entrepreneurs website for monthly mixer photos. See
Janet's Circle home page for the latest slideshow example.

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