Do you have 5 minutes? Want to Improve your Search Engine Ranking?

BLOGS -  an effective Search Engine Marketing Tool to Improve Website Page Ranking

(Did you know Blogger is one of the first blogs ever? Jagmedia has used Blogger since 2005.Google liked it so much, they bought it about 2 years ago!)

These are some reasons for using Blogger - Jagmedia Uses Blogger:
  • This is the EASIEST blog tool to use - period.
    While Wordpress is a good tool too, just trying using the administrative interface- it's much more complex and not as user friendly as Blogger. You can quickly update your Blogger blog, change it's look (many templates to choose) plus use a customized blog builder tool (see next)
  • Easy to Use Customized Blog Builder.
    Add "widgets" for features like social media: see the Facebook badge on Janet's Circle Blog Here, Google Search for your blog posts, Affiliate Advertising and more...
  • Improve Your Website Search Ranking!
    This can't be stressed enough! If you have 5 Minutes each week to post to your blog, have a clear focus to it plus use relevant keywords, there's potential for a Page 1 Google Ranking!
    See Jagmedia's Page 1 Google Blog created with Blogger  Venice, CA  events.
  • Monetize it! 
    Both blogs linked in this article use features for monetization:  Affiliate Ads with Google Adsense in the Janet's Circle Blog and custom ad banners in the Venice blog.
These are some strong reasons to jump on Blogger now and Jagmedia can create your custom BLOG.

Plus, in honor of October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, 10% of the fee will be contributed to the American Cancer Society. This is part of  the THINK PINK campaign I started this month for both of my companies, Jagmedia and Janet's Circle for Entrepreneurs. Yes, it's a WIN-WIN for all!

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