Branding: What is it REALLY All About?

Branding, a word used frequently, yet often misunderstood...

For Starters: This example should bring an immediate image to mind: Lady Gaga. Did you see an image of her wearing a dress made out of meat or arriving in a translucent egg to the Grammy's or some other outrageous ensemble?  Lady Gaga is a brand, a personal brand.

How about Madonna, an international icon over the past few decades, constantly reinventing herself and her brand?

Now on to Companies: Then, there's companies such as Apple and Nike with very strong consumer brands that immediately elicit an image and most likely a response or commentary. Apple's branding image (also called identity or branding identity)  combines their light, clean look with technologically advanced - and ground breaking products peppered with the personality of Steve Jobs in his uniform of a black turtleneck and jeans.

Nike is an ever present athletic brand with their "swoosh" logo emblazoned on apparel, shoes, accessories plus world class athletes advertising their brands by wearing their products.

What image do you want to pop into people's minds when they think of your company?

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