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YouTube is considered as the second most popular search engine after Google - and it's not even a search engine! In case you didn't get the memo, these are a few insights on YouTube. People are searching YouTube for content - we've all seen YouTube videos that our friends have sent links to or a popular video that's gone viral and is on the news and other tv shows. Cat videos are the most popular.. meow:)

Although cat videos are the most popular, YouTube can be leveraged as a strategic business tool, in building and extending your brand. Oftentimes the best example is a visual,  this example is for Rainey Chiropractic, a client of Jagmedia.

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See the website, which features a green theme, while incorporating videos throughout the site along with links to their YouTube channel. All the videos reside on the Rainey Chiropractic YouTube channel. Rainey Chiropractic's YouTube channel carries the same visual theme as the website. In addition, there's a link to the website, a business profile plus a description for each video. Why is this important?, you might ask...

All this information is detectable by the search engines and helps increase your website ranking by garnering more traffic combined with optimizing your overall YouTube channel. This gives your business a more COMPETITIVE EDGE! See  the new YouTube Channel below we created for Business Coach Lorenda Phillips (after creating the website.)

You might also be thinking, I don't have a video or know what to do or say... First, it's recommended to look around and see what others are doing in your profession and other fields, plus paying attention to popular trends on YouTube.
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