Facebook Cover Graphics: What are they and how can they help your company?

Facebook... it seems like that's all we hear about these days! Why, because it's so relevant and a part of our every day lives for many of us. Business or Company pages can be created on Facebook, giving yet another avenue to spread awareness about your company. Taking advantage of the Facebook Cover Graphic, formerly known as Timeline Graphic is essential in spreading brand awareness.

The Facebook Cover Graphic is the large horizontal graphic at the top of a Facebook page, that has a small square profile graphic overlapping it in the left corner. Utilizing this graphic extends your brand and gives a new and different audience a visual means to identify your brand.

See the examples in this article that Jagmedia created for clients and for our design studio. Clients range from a social media strategist/writer, anti-aging specialist and our Venice lifestyle blog. See  the Jagmedia Facebook Page for the full-size graphic and other examples of how we help clients with their digital media needs.

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Jagmedia also provides the following Facebook related services:
- Facebook Personalized Tutorials
- Facebook Business Page Creation
-  Facebook  Social Media Posts

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